Chiara College of Metaphysics

Metaphysics - psychic, spiritual and personal development

Transformation begins here...

The Chiara College of Metaphysics was co-founded by Sue Bishop in 1995 to promote education in the field of Spiritual Metaphysics.


Chiara (pronounced ‘Ki-ara’) means light and clarity. Sue's vision is to help shed light and clarity for people on the path to enlightenment through education. 


Our courses are focussed on the mind, body and soul connection, which will give you a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-empowement while at the same time help you to develop your  psychic abilities. Our courses also bring in a spiritual component that will help you to understand your karma and discover the path you soul is destined to walk.


Whether you are interested in metaphysics, parapsychology, energetic healing, mediumship, psychic skills, numerology and astrology, at Chiara College  you will get 'hands on' experience transformation of the soul.


Live your soul vision today!

We educate. That’s what we do best. We specialise in metaphysical development – personal, psychic and spiritual.


Our courses include:



Energetic healing,


Psychic skills,



Advanced Metaphysics (Tree of Life/Sephiroths)

Light Workers (The 7 Rays)plus more

Transcendence (Universal Self connecting with Cosmic Consciousness)

Plus more....


Our courses are both practical and theoretical to ensure you get an experience, not just information. , i so you will get 'hands on' experience, which is the most effective way of learning.


They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. If you are ready for the journey, we are here to teach you, and guide you, all the way.       email:           ph:  0425 328 135       





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