Our Courses




Diploma of Metaphysics (3 yrs)

Diploma of Spiritual Healing (1-2 yrs)

Diploma of Intuitive Sciences (1.5-2 yrs)

Adv Diploma of Metaphysical Healing (3-4 yrs)



Short courses & Workshops


Mediumship                             Destiny

Psychic Skills                           Dreams

Astrology                                 Tarot

Numerology                             Spirit Guides

Heal Yourself                           Psychic Protection





Certificate Courses


Metaphysics Certificate (1 yr)

Parapsychology (6 mths)

Spiritual Healing Certificate (1-2 yrs)

Advanced Metaphysics Certificate (12 wks)



Distance Learning 








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A little more about our courses




Psychic, spiritual & personal development


A truly transformatiive course, metaphysics helps you gain a deeper level of self awareness as you work through our special chakra program that will help you to self-actualise while raising your vibration.


You will learn how to develop all of your intuitive faculities including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, mediumship, etc.

A spiritual journey that helps you discover your past lives, your destiny and the gifts you bring into this incarnation.


Metaphysics  - conecting your mind, body and soul.





Exploring the Paranormal


While parapsychology helps students develop a stronger connection with the higher self and the deeper realms of the soul, this course specialises in all things paranormal. 


During the course you will explore the spirit world and other dimensional realities, learn about lost souls and attachments, how to astral travel and how to do soul retrievals and soul-demeshments. Other topics include dimensional chakras, angelic kingdom, earth star, transpersonal point and much, much more.



Spiritual Healing


Healing yourself & others


Spiritual Healing is an energetic healing modalitie that works on the mind, body and soul. This accredited course will teach you how to work on the aura, chakras, nadi, and your DNA to facilitate healing on your emoitonal, psychological and spiritual self.


Students will also learn how to psychically read the energy of the aura/chakras, and how karma, free will and belief patterns affect your health.


A journey in itself, Spiritual Healing will give you a holistic model of health and well-being that will change how you look at illness and disease.



Advanced Metaphysics


Becoming the Universal Self


Based on the Tree of Life you  show you how to advance from Higher Self Consciousness into becoming the Universal Self - the part of you that works with the collective consciousness, and the spirit world.


During the course you will work on the dimensional chakras that are located on the spiritual body that act as cosmic doorways. Through each dimensional chakra you will learn how to work with the archetypal sepiroths and archangels to deepen your connection to the earth and the universe.


An amazing journey into becoming a lightworker, this course will show you how to evolve to the next level of global consciousness and how to help transform our world.





A Go-Between Heaven & Earth


Mediums are spiritusl messengers, go-betweens linking two worlds together. Their gift is being able to connect to the spirit world and to hook with with people who have crossed voer. Once connected, a medium will pass on messages that uplift and heal.


In this course you will learn about the spirit world, the death and dying process, how to open your mediumship channel. You will also learn how to make a spirit connection, how to deliever an authentic message, how to manage readings plus much more.


Astrology and You


Mapping out your Destiny


A simple introduction to the basics of astrology. Astrology is the cosmic dance of planets. In this course you will learn how planetary harmonics influence you based on the time and location of your birth. You will learn about the signs, planets, houses, nodes of the moon, and how your unique natal chart determines your emotional, psychological and spiritual make-up. You will also learn about how transiting planets influence your future.





The Sum of You


What do your numbers say about you? Well, actually a lot!  Your unique numbers determine your life path, your inner self-wiring, the types of relationships you will have, your money potential ad your career gifts. Numerology explores the cylces of your life you you can map out the best time to get married, change jobs, invest, travel, take up study, etc.

In this course you will learn about your life path, soul urge, personality and destiny path, challenges, pinnacles, personal years, day number, grids, karmic patterns plus more.




A system of Divination


The tarot can be used for both psychic readings and as a tool for inner insights. In this course you will learn about the major and minor arcana, the suits, layouts and how to conduct readings. You will also learn how to expand your psychic abilities, how to energetically clear a room and how to psychically protect yourself, plus more.


For further information on our courses please contact the college on 0425 328 135, or email: chiaracollege@gmail.com

New Courses for April 2020


Numerology 1                   Monday 6th April, 2020 7pm - 9pm

Astrology 1                       Wednesday 8th April,,2020  7pm – 9pm


Existing classes retain the same timetable as they did in Term 1. Please note, subject to government lockdown rules classes for April may be in video conference format. 

Due to the COVID-19 virus lockdown laws upcoming retreats have been placed on hold. Updates as the come to hand.

For further information on the above courses, or to enrol, please email chiaracollege@gmail.com or phone Sue on 0425 328 135