Metaphysics Topics


An affirmation is a thought used to reframe the way we think about things. Affirmations are used to reprogram negative belief structures such as 'I am to blame' by replacing them with positive thoughts. Old patterns move along a well-worn neural pathway. Affirmations work by retraining your thought patterns along new neural pathways in the brain. They change the energy behind a belief.


Akashic records

The akashic records contain a holographic historical record throughout all of time of all conscious existence in the universe. Consciousness, on a microcosmic level, includes our individual thoughts, feelings and actions. On a macrocosmic level the collective experience of humanity and the cosmos are also stored there.


Astral Realms

Most esoteric literature refers to the astral realm as having seven planes of existence. Each plane of existence has seven dimensional levels. These levels are differentiated by their vibrationary frequency. The lowest levels of the astral closely resemble the physical dimension while the upper levels are stratums of formless worlds of energy and consciousness.



The Human Energy Field (HEF), or aura, is a holographic multi-dimensional manifestation of bioplasmic energy. This luminous body of light permeates and surrounds the human physical body giving it life and expression. Comprised of four individual and interrelated subtle bodies of consciousness and seven layers of etheric energy, the aura contains the entire blueprint of who we are in this present incarnation. It defines our perceptions, our direction in life, and our soul’s expression.



Auric Bodies

The aura is comprised of four subtle bodies of consciousness. These bodies are:


Spiritual body

The Spiritual body is an individualised subtle body of consciousness associated with our true spiritual essence and direction in life. The spiritual body holds our highest potential and reflects our ability to manifest this potential here on earth. The essence of the soul’s reality can be found in the expression ‘to be’ and this is ultimately the reason for our existence.

Also known as the Causal body, the spiritual body has the subtlest vibration of the auric bodies. It is the body closest in frequency to the Higher Self. It appears as a whitish, luminous glow and extends from about 30cm (12') beyond the periphery of the physical body. Depending upon the development of our spiritual nature, this body can emanate up to up to a metre (2ft –3ft) from the physical body. Most people perceive the spiritual body as an emanation through the entire auric field. When developed, it tends to be much more dominant than the other auric bodies.


Mental body

The spiritual body is the blueprint of our spiritual potential but in order for this potential to take shape it must first form as a pattern of directed energy since energy forms the basis of all events.

These patterns of energy are stored in the mental body as concrete thoughts – both conscious and sub-conscious. Patterns stored within the mental body create the character framework for the soul to project its personality and to express itself in a new way, at a cognisant level. On a mundane level the mental body deals with and gives context and meaning to events and things.Golden in colour, the mental body emanates between 20cm – 30cm (8–12”) from the physical body and is composed of matter of finer frequency than the emotional body. It expands and becomes brighter when you concentrate on mental processes.


Emotional body

Resonating at a vibrational level lower than the mental body, the emotional body may be described as a fluid, luminous multi-coloured body that carries within it our emotional make-up and constitution. The emotional body gives depth and feeling to concrete thoughts developed and processed by the mental body. Although this subtle body resonates at a higher frequency, and is composed of much finer substance, than either the physical and etheric body, it nevertheless works in unison with them. As the seat of our emotions, this subtle body is a forms a bridge between the physical body and the mind.


Etheric body

The etheric body is responsible for the transfer of life energy from the universe into the physical body.  Not only is it the vehicle of life force, or prana, it also furnishes the basic pattern around which the physical body is built. Every cell in the human body has its equivalent etheric, emotional and mental energies localised around it. This holographic template is a perfect replica of its physical counterpart. The colour of the etheric body ranges from light blue through to a violet-grey. It extends to approximately 2.5cm (1”) from the physical body. One of its primary functions is to act as a, 'connecting link between the physical body and the emotional and mental bodies. The etheric body also serves as a filtration system. It acts as a natural barrier between the etheric and astral fields, and protects the individual from opening communication between these two levels prematurely.


Belief pattern

A belief is a pattern of thought upon which we base our behaviour. Some of these patterns could be described as positive, or useful, while other patterns may be deemed negative or restrictive. These patterns – adopted from family, culture, and education, even past lives – can either help or hinder our soul’s desire.



Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'spinning wheel.' The chakras are rotating gateways for incoming and out-going universal and earth energies. The seven main chakras are located along the spine on a vertical axis known as the sushumna line running from the base of the spine to the base of the head. Each chakra corresponds to nerve ganglia and to glands in the endocrine system and has its own unique vibration. The chakras transmute life force energy. Both universal and earth energy are transferred to the physical body to provide it with sustenance and maintenance. On a metaphysical level the chakras operate as independent yet unified centres of consciousness that connect the mind, body and soul. They also act as energetic doorways to different levels of dimensional consciousness.

Most esoteric literature suggests the physical body contains twenty-two minor chakras while Alice Bailey, suggests there are forty-nine. Minor chakras are primary points of energy. Every organ has a minor chakra as does every joint in the body. The main difference between major and minor chakras is that major chakras are seats of consciousness and are associated with the glandular system. Minor chakras distribute transmuted energy from the major chakras throughout the body and aura via the nadi system.


Base chakra

Located at the base of the spine near the coccyx this chakra resonates to the colour red and is associated with the element of earth. The base chakra is connected to the gonads and the leydig glands. The consciousness associated with the base chakra deals with survival issues, physical relationships and concepts, patterns and materialism. It also deals with the archetypal collective of people or tribalism. The spiritual lesson of the base chakra is to learn how ground oneself in order to connect with the earth.


Spleen chakra

Located about 2.5cm (1”) below the navel in the umbilicus this chakra resonates to the colour orange and is governed by the element of water. The consciousness associated with the spleen chakra centres on relationships, sexuality, repressed emotions and trauma. On a physical level the Spleen, or sacral chakra, is associated with the gonads and reproductive organs. Spiritual lessons associated with the spleen chakra are the power of choice, symbolism, dualism (balancing polarities) and developing and maintaining relationships.


Solar plexus chakra

Located in the solar plexus region of the upper middle abdomen just below the sternum, this chakra resonates the colour yellow and is governed by the element of fire. At a physical level it is associated with the adrenal glands. The consciousness of this centre is transformation and empowerment. On a physical level the solar plexus is responsible for the regulation and distribution of metabolic energy through the body e.g. the combustion of food to create energy. On a spiritual level the solar plexus is related to intuition and issues of personal and spiritual power.


Heart chakra

Located in the chest midway between the shoulder blades and resonating to the colour green this chakra is associated with thymus gland and relates to the element of air. The consciousness associated with the heart chakra is love in its many aspects including self-love intimate love, platonic love, compassionate love and unconditional love. On a spiritual level the heart chakra is considered the centre of integration because it’s the centre which bridges the physical chakras – the base, spleen and solar plexus – and the spiritual chakras – the throat, third eye and crown.


Throat chakra

Located in the throat area and resonating to the colour blue this chakra is associated with the thyroid and parathyroid glands and is governed by the element of sound or ether. The consciousness associated with the throat chakra is all forms of expression, communication and higher creativity. On a physical level the throat chakra influences the structure of the throat region. On a spiritual level the throat deals with truth and surrendering our willpower to the will of the cosmic mind.

Third eye chakra

Located in the brow, this chakra resonates to the colour indigo and is associated with the pituitary and pineal glands and is governed by the element of light or akasha. The consciousness associated with this chakra is perception and inner vision. On a physical level the third eye relates to seeing and clarity. On a spiritual level this chakra is concerned with developing our sixth sense or psychic perceptual skills.


Crown chakra

Located at the top of the head this chakra vibrates to the colour violet and is governed by the pineal and pituitary glands. Although the pineal gland is usually associated with this chakra it is also connected to the pituitary which is a master gland. It is governed by the element of thought or fohat. The consciousness associated with the crown chakra is information and knowledge. On a physical level the crown chakra deals with relationships between the spiritual and the physical self and how our conscious and unconscious thoughts determine our capacity to deal with different realities. On a spiritual level this chakra deals with the spiritual interrelationship of humanity and our connection to the cosmic mind.



Clairvoyance means clear sight, to see things more clearly and have better comprehension. Our clairvoyant ability is accessed through the third eye chakra.


Collective Consciousness

The collective consciousness is an energetic astral realm comprised of every thought, feeling and action taken and experienced by mankind through the ages. It is also the realm that we unconsciously draw on for inspiration and new ideas.



A state of awareness.


Cosmic mind

The cosmic mind is the divine mind, or 'All That Is'. It is referred to it as Jesus, God, Buddha, Mohammed or Goddess.


Dimensional realities

Dimensional realities refer to other planes of existences outside the three dimensional world we live in.


Earth Star

Earth energy supplies essential life force energy to your soul and its other function is to lock the aura in to the 3D world of reality. The earth star chakra, which is located 30-60cm beneath the feet, contains the four basic elements (together with a small component of the universal elements of fohat, akasha and ether) and locks the bottom of the aura into the earth’s electromagnetic grid thereby locking you dimensionally into the here and now.  Earth energy must pass through the earth star before it can be absorbed or utilized by the base and then the other chakras via the shushumna line. When the earth star’s energy is disrupted by changes in the earth’s electromagnetic grid you may experience.

The universal elements of ether, akasha and fohat are also found in the earth star. It also contains a blend of angelic energies channelled by elementals for manifestation of cosmic thought into physical matter.

The four earth star quadrants are governed by elemental forces, and by archangelic forces which are as follows:

  • The element of earth is governed by the gnomes and ruled by the forces of Archangel Ariel (also called Uriel).

  • The element of water is governed by the undines and ruled by the forces of Archangel Gabriel.

  • The element of fire is governed by the salamanders and ruled by the forces of Archangel Raphael.

  • The element of air is governed by the sylphs and ruled by the forces of Archangel Michael.

Some traditions allocate Archangel Michael to the fire element and Archangel Raphael to the air element. You will have to tune in and intuitively feel which version is 'right' for you.



The lower three chakras make up the ego, the tangible sense of self. The ego is the consciousness of the 'I' or 'self' that represents the individualisation of the soul expressed through the personality. From birth the 'I' sees the world through its own unique eyes and relates to the world from a space of 'I want' and 'I need'. The role of the ego is to provide projection of the self as defined by the soul’s karmic blueprint.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and understand emotions and work effectively with emotional knowledge. Emotional intelligence develops intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.



All life is an expression of energy manifesting. Every thing, every person, every thought, every action, every feeling is energy. Each particle in this universe, including those which make up human beings, has its own unique vibration or signature, a kind of energetic blueprint or pattern that expresses harmonious evolution.

Universal energy is comprised of the elements of ether, akasha and fohat. Earth energy refers to the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the planet.



Enlightenment is the process of understanding the soul, or soul realisation. It is about shining a light on the soul and seeing its full potential. It involves understanding the soul as a multi-dimensional reality, seeing its true beauty and divinity and becoming one with 'all that is'. 


Higher Self

The Higher Self consciousness is the essential self – the part of us that knows we are eternal, knows our truth and the answers to our questions. It is the part of us that holds our enormous potential to ‘be’. It knows where we are going. The Higher Self is the soul aspect that talks to us in our dreams and moves through the spirit world.


Inner Child

The inner child refers to the child aspect of our psyche. Patterns that define our emotional responses occur during the first seven to ten years of life (childhood). It is these emotional responses that we are referring to when we say the inner child psyche, or simply the inner child. It influences deep subconscious emotional reactions since our emotional make-up is basically moulded into shape during childhood. As adults when we experience deep feelings like joy and fear, we access subconscious reactions from the inner child.



Intuition is a sense of knowing without question. When you work with intuition you don’t use your rational mind, or even your emotional self, to make a decision. It is your higher aspect making the choice and it makes it without weighing a whole lot of factors that very often detract from the truth.



The force shaping the evolution of each soul on earth is the universal Law of Causation. This force permeates every aspect of physical and spiritual life, binding our past to our future. This process of interrelationships is also known as karma. Karma is the cohesive force of all manifestation that guides the laws of cause and effect on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical planes of existence. The force of cause and effect operates from moment to moment, year after year, through successive lifetimes. The soul remains locked in a cycle of life and death on earth until all binding karmas are dissolved and the soul is liberated from this dimension to return to spirit. Types of karma include personal, familial, local, national and global or collective.



Karmic influences precipitate certain specific tendencies toward illness by creating predominant patterns known as miasms. They can increasingly weaken the physical body’s resistance to illness and facilitate the manifestation of disease. A miasm, which represents the karmic potential for disease, usually lies dormant within the subtle bodies of the human aura. It is activated by the soul to draw conscious awareness to whatever area of life requires immediate attention. When a miasm is activated, its ethereal template is projected via the subtle bodies through the biomagnetic field. It first appears at a molecular level before moving into the physical body.


Law of Attraction

Like energy attracts like. The magnetic energy directed by our free will or soul’s desire attracts the same type of energy back to us.


Likipa – Angels of Karma

The Lipika are the angels of karma. When a soul is ready for transmigration, the Lipika construct a guiding energetic framework within the causal body, which attracts to the soul the necessary life lessons needed for its impending incarnation. The karmic grid within the causal body operates like a light attracting moths in the night. Karmic energy attracts lessons, or life situations, which contain a similar energetic vibration to the pre-birth karma of the soul. In doing so, it offers the soul the potential to harmonise its karma by working through issues experienced for its spiritual growth.


Lost Souls

A lost soul is a discarnate being trapped either in the lowest level of the astral plane or in the physical dimension. A soul is called ‘lost’ because part of it – the astral body to be exact - is literally separated from the soul at the point of death of the physical body due to an accident or a significant trauma. The astral body contains the etheric, emotional and mental body consciousness, or the ego. Not fully cognisant of its separation from the rest of the soul, the astral body holds on to the illusion that it is whole and still thinking, feeling and operating in a body made of flesh and blood just like everybody else. Since lost souls believe they still have a human body they continually draw past experience up from their memory bank within the etheric body to support their paradigm.


Lower Self

The lower self refers to the aspect of the self that is governed by the ego comprise of the base, sacral and solar plexus consciousness.



Meditation is a technique that allows higher communication with the inner self and inner communication with the Higher Self. Meditation works by inducing a connective state, a bridge between the two worlds of the lower self and the higher self – the physical self and the spiritual self.



Nadis are fine subtle energy channels made up of fluid like filaments of energetic matter that parallel the nervous system. One belief is that the subtle human anatomy contains 72,000 nadis. Alice Bailey suggests there are millions of nadis. They can be viewed as electrical conduits – electric blue on the outside with silver flowing inside. Nadis intersect at minor chakra and acupuncture points. They carry transmuted life force energy from the minor chakras system into the cellular structure of the physical human body and the aura.


Near Death Experience

A near death experience (NDE) is the profound metaphysical experience a person has during a brief period when they are clinically dead and their astral body leaves their physical body. Some people find themselves in the astral planes while others remain in the physical watching what is happenning around them while they are technically dead. Not everyone who has a close call with death has an NDE but those who do have very similar experiences. They share a common thread – they’ve had a life-transforming experience that has freed them from the fear of death, increased their capacity to love and feel compassion and helped them find a new life direction. But more importantly it has given them a firm belief in life after death.



An out of body experience when your astral self hovers over you.


Pineal gland

The pineal gland, which contains a crystalline structure, is located in the centre of the brain. It is responsible for raising the vibration of the personality towards a higher, more spiritual level of consciousness, ultimately expanding a human’s full potential as a spiritual and physical being.


Pre-birth Karma and the Personality

An entire record of a soul’s deeds is held within the Akashic Records and on various astral planes. Prior to incarnating the soul and the Lipika consider past karma or those deeds accumulated primarily on the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of consciousness by the soul during previous lifetimes. Each of the individual personalities of the previous incarnations is a fragment of one single greater soul called the Spirit.



Psychometry is a psychic reading from the residual energy surrounding a personal object for example a ring or a necklace.



The doctrine of metempsychosis, or transmigration of the soul, is inextricably interwoven with the Law of Karma. The Law of Rebirth states that the soul reincarnates in a succession of personalities under the Law of Causation, until the soul evolves towards the higher state of consciousness known as enlightenment. The achievement of enlightenment liberates the soul from the cycle of reincarnation on earth.


Self actualisation

The peak experience of fully realising the true potential of the self.


Sushumna line

Moving up along the spine and interweaving through the chakras are three channels of energy –  the three main nadis of the human energy system called the sushumna line and the ida (masculine) and pingala (feminine) channels. The sushumna is the line of energy that connects us to the earth dimension and it brings in pure consciousness energy from the universe. The ida and pingala rise out of the base chakra and coil around the spinal column around the sushumna line, finishing at the brow chakra. They carry masculine and feminine energy through the entire chakra system.



The soul is the nucleus of self that connects the physical body and the spirit.


Soul Star

The aspect of the Soul that emanates through us, our core essence, is called the Soul Star. The Soul Star exists at a level free from the limitations of the time/space continuum and from any restrictions created by our belief structures. This inner essence is the light of the soul that shines like a luminous star. The Soul Star is locatev over the solar plexus, heart and throat chakra, the apex located in the spiritual body over the heart chakra.



Synchronicity is a situation where there is no apparent causal connection between two events, but nevertheless a meaningful relationship exists between them


Transpersonal Point

The transpersonal is an energetic anchor situated 30cms above the crown chakra. It contains three silver spinning energetic discs that represent the three primary elements of creation called ether, akasha and fohat. The element of ether represents expression, the element of akasha represents knowledge, and the element of fohat represents karma and creation. They represent the trinity of the cosmic mind creating the vibration of knowledge, expression and karma. The manifestation of these three elements directly influences our perceptual reality because the Transpersonal Point is directly responsible for the flow and the restriction of cosmic rays of awareness into our conscious reality. It regulates the flow of universal consciousness into our individual consciousness.


Twin Souls and Soul Mates

A twin soul is someone who answers one or more questions in your life. A soul mate is someone who brings out your potential, they don’t necessarily answer your questions; they bring out your strengths. Twin souls come from the same soul grouping – they are two aspects of the same higher aspect. A soul mate hails from a different soul grouping so their energy complements your energy.