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Is It Possible To Reincarnate Back Into Your Family Within A Short Time?

The other day my sister got the first ultrasound photo of her grandson that is due to be born in December. The first thing she said was, 'Sue, I think this baby is a reincarnation of dad. I am sure it's dad's soul. But I'm confused because you said you felt dad's soul around you the other day.'
'Yes, I did,' I told her.
'But, why do I still get a strong impression that baby is dad?' she quizzed.

I explained to her that it is not uncommon for family members who have crossed over to reincarnate back into the same family for example as your child, grandchild, great grandchild and so on. Quite often souls continue on with a family for a while if their soul deems it necessary as part of their evolution. But, you also have souls incarnating into completely new families as well, again because it is where their soul needs to be.

But, the question is, how can a soul be in two places at once. I had my dad's soul around me the other day, and yet my sisters swears dad's soul is now in utero? 

Well, the answer is actually quite simple. You see, when you die your soul returns to your Spirit, which is a hugely multi-dimensional that lives in the astral, and which has many aspects of itself living in different parts of the cosmos and in different dimensions. The best way to describe it is to think about your hands. You have 10 fingers, all connected to your hands, but finger operates separately. The Spirit has its 'fingers' in different places, and in different stages of evolution. Once your soul has returned to Spirit, the Higher Self aspect can continue to visit family in the physical, while the lower self will eventually reincarnate to finish off its karma if need be.

Dad's higher self can still visit us, but the other part of him, the lower self can be reincarnating as we speak. He will take on aspects of karma from previous incarnations, and have new dharma to achieve in his new life. So, as you can see, he can be in two places at once.

The other interesting thing is that baby is due in mid December, and dad was born early January, so only separated by a few weeks. If baby arrives late, he could even pop out on dad's birthday!

Dimensional Realities and ET's

I mentioned that the Spirit is hugely multi-dimensional. Well, we are also, but perhaps not on the same grand level as our Spirit, but nevertheless, we are multi-dimensional. After all, we live in a multi dimension universe. In fact, we can measure 11 dimensions, and one day perhaps even more. I am going to be running a workshop in early August that explores dimensional realities and how we can experience them but also how to connect with your galactic family - ET's.  The universe is teeming with life, and even though we might not be able to physically touch an ET, through the power of your consciousness, and through energy work, you can at least connect with ET's and have them share their wisdom and knowledge gained from their existence in another part of the universe. The key is to discover which race of ET belongs to your soul overgroup lineage. 
In this workshop, we will use your astrological natal chart to discover which constellation your soul is aligned with, and work out which star consciousness and ET races you have the ability to work with.
For the date and location of the workshop please see further down in this newsletter.


Metaphysics Moments

My next 'Metaphysics Moments' night will be on Sat 29th, July 2017. See the Events section of the newsletter for more info.

Also in this newsletter is a link to my latest blog.





Courses July /August 2017

Three new courses will be starting in the next few months:

A psychic, spiritual and personal development course run in workshop format (1 workshop per month over a year)
When:    Saturday, July 8th, 2017
Where:   Meditation Space, 11 Patrick St, Campbelltown

A 10 week course to help you to develop your mediumship skills.
When:    Thursday 11th July, 2017
Where:   Meditation Space, 11 Patrick St, Campbelltown

Exploring Dimensional Realities and ET's
A journey into the cosmos to explore different dimensions and to find your cosmic family connections.
When:    Sat 5th & Sun 6th August , 2017
Where:   Meditation Space, 11 Patrick St, Campbelltown

For further information or to enrol please email or contact 0425 328 135





Metaphysics Moments

Saturday 29th July, 2017
Meditation Space, 11 Patrick St Campbelltown (parking across the road)


Ever wanted to ask a question about anything metaphysical? Well, here is your chance. The 'Metaphysics Moments' is going to be a fun and informative night where you explore any theme you like .  There will also be a guided meditation and some simple energy exercises to give you a wonderful experiences with metaphysics!

Lucky Door Prize:   We will be giving away a lucky draw prize on the night. It is a 1 massage/reiki session with the lovely Jess.

Cost:     $15 at the door. To book you spot for the evening please email or phone 0425 328 135





 Community Board:


Meditation Classes & Crystal Bowls 
Stephen Bishop and Melissa Grill

Glenhaven - The Hills District

Tues 10.30am  and Wed 7.30
Beginning 27th June


Stephen Bishop, a well know spiritual healer and metaphysician, and Melissa Grill, a  Crystal Bowls practitioner, are please to announce that they are starting up Meditation classes that combine both meditation techniques and crystal bowls to create an enchanting meditation experience.
During the 1 hour class, the crystal bows, which are attuned to the chakras, will heal you at a deep level, while Stephen's soothing voice and effective meditation technique will help you to relax,  release tension and stress, help you to let go of restrictive energies and restore inner harmony and balance.    

Cost $20 per class. Drop in as your please.

for further details  or ph 0414893963








Join us in an amazing exploration into the wonders of consciousness and our soul’s journey.

It is time to open up to who we really are and understand our soul and its journey within our multidimensional universe.  As Eckhart Tolle reminds us:  You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while.  You the past, the present, the future – everything, temporarily packaged in a human body.  You are an energetic being that has come from an all-knowing, all-loving place of perfection – and you will return there.

Your soul chose this life, this body, these parents and most of all, it chose a reason for coming here.  Deep down within, we all have a sense of that.  Everyone has a dream that fills their heart – a journey they must take – a destiny to fulfill.  The soul and the universe are not a mystery! We have been limited until now as part of the human condition.  Fortunately, you have a choice to live an authentic life that satisfies your soul. The afterlife is here and now, it is the consciousness that exists within you and can guide you to your true purpose, your soul identity.

We understand you and sincerely invite you to discover and explore your soul’s journey at the 4th Australian Afterlife Explorers Conference.

Here there will be no better way to connect and with fellow soul travellers, be reunited with old friends, have lots of fun and frolics, be stimulated by amazing conversations, share knowledge and transformational experiences, and ultimately enjoy personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

We will look forward to you joining our community of Afterlife Explorers!

We are a very unique and special tribe.




We invite you to join us at the Close Encounters Conference for transformational presentations, workshops and healings that will help you gain a deep understanding into our rapidly changing world – a time of unprecedented change that requires a new story. The better we truly know ourselves, the better equipped we are to embrace whatever comes our way and thrive in the new world, in harmony and fully aware.

If you love looking up at the stars, wondering who and what is out there, then this Conference is for you.




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Q.  What are orbs?

 A. Sadly, most orbs that people capture on camera is actually dust, but if he see coloured balls of light you are seeing elementals and nature spirits (and contrary to some people's belief they are not the souls of humans floating around in your house!




SUE’s PICK:  Tracey Fehon - Empowering Women through Adversity

Tracey is a student of Chiara College who has developed a coaching programme to empower Women going through testing times.

Tracey has a simple philosophy:  My passion is to guide women to stand in their own power by living a life they have designed

Her programme is designed to:
To assist women in their path forward.
To help women re-find themselves, their strengths and their goals.
To be a ‘buffer’ for women in a period in their lives where things seem out of their control and it feels like other people are making decisions for them.
To help women get back on track, stay on track and finish first.
To help women understand that where they are right now is a process, and in every process, there is a beginning, middle and end, there IS a light at the end of the process.
I am a counsellor/life coach with the ability to receive messages from people who have passed over. I have worked with women in crisis and advocated for them through Court system and with DoC’s, Doctors, Accountants, Solicitors and the Police. I have run my own Counselling Practice.
However, even with all this experience, when it came to advocating for myself before, during and after my marriage/divorce I was next to useless.
I have lived through and survived my own crisis where I lost who I was for a long time, and one of the many things I learned through this process is that there is gap in the system. And that gap is, time.
Time which the solicitors, accountants, doctors and so on simply don’t have! Women are going through possible the most devastating time of their life and their thought patterns are very conflicted. They need time to process all the new information that is being given to them and asked of them.
And that’s where I come in.
We will look forward not back. What is it YOU want for the rest of YOUR life?
What are your goals and how can you achieve them?
My service offers the client support, understanding and an insight into the process of separation and divorce, along with implementing strategies to help them cope through all the many issues life throws at us.
To visualize the next period in their life. Set goals and start to put things into motion.
               What is the net chapter in your life going to look like?
 To contact Tracey















FREEBIE: This month's freebie is  a copy of, ' From Stuck Duck to Hummingbird' by Mary Curtis.  To enter simply email  5pm on the 30th June, 2017. Congratulations to  Maggie G. winner of a copy of, 'In Search of the Afterlife.' . 


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